Domain and Hosting setup
Static, CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) sites and blogs
E-commerce integration, Analytics and Marketing (Google, Square, etc.)

Software / Operating Systems

Linux, OS X, and Windows administration
Database configuration and management
Cloud (GCP, AWS, Azure)

Custom Programming and Data

I primarily work in Python, R, SQL but have worked in other languages as well. Every project is different so get in touch to talk about the details.

I enjoy model-building, data analysis, and machine learning projects. I have a

Have a need for something that combines a number of these pieces? Great! I enjoy taking on challenging projects with a lot of moving parts. I have years of experience with hardware, software, data (collection, analysis, and visualization), and the alchemy of putting these elements to good use.

Need help with something not listed here? Feel free to ask - every situation is different, and I love working on new and interesting projects.


General labor - $100/hr
Consulting / custom programming - $150/hr
Package pricing available for websites. Every project is different so get in touch to discuss the details.

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