OCCAM Project


OCCAM is data-mining software which implements Reconstructibility Analysis (RA), an information-theory based method for modeling discrete data which was developed in the systems science community. OCCAM itself was developed at Portland State University in the Systems Science department. The main page is here:

OCCAM repo front page (github.io)

OCCAM at Portland State University (dmm.sysc.pdx.edu) (current working version)

OCCAM github repository. The effort to take OCCAM open source is just beginning (early 2019), so to that end we have published the existing (functional but somewhat dated) code on github. At the moment, the only easy way to use OCCAM is to use the proprietary version at PSU (linked above). Getting it running on one's own system is theoretically possible but there is not a well-defined installation procedure. If you want to install your own version of OCCAM, you will need to do some webserver, CGI, and python configuration. For now, it's best to stick with the working (proprietary, web-based) version. 


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