Portland Data Science Events

Exploring some of the many data science and machine learning community resources in the Portland Area.

There are a lot of resources for data scientists in Portland. Now that I'm not as busy with school for a little while, I have more time to check out some of the data-related events going on around town. 

The ML4ALL Conference is being held at the Bossanova ballroom. Use discount code WELCOME_XNEXTCON to get half off (that's just $75 for individuals). 

Here's some Meetup links to data science and machine learning groups that are actively meeting:

Portland Data Science Group

Portland Deep Learning

Portland Machine Learning Meetup

Portland FastAI

Portland Python Pirates

Hillsboro Python Machine Learning Meetup


I attended the Portland Data Science Group's event today for the first time. It was a very welcoming experience. There were people of all skill levels, and Ryan and John, the organizers, did a good job leading discussion while also leaving people free to introduce themselves and just chat for the first part of the meeting. It was the fourth meeting on the Stack Overflow dataset they've been working on, so I wasn't able to contribute too much at this meeting, but it was a good chance to start meeting some people, see what everyone is working on, and get the Slack link for further conversation. Even on a sunny Sunday afternoon on a weekend when a lot of other events are going on, there were still 25 or 30 people there to chat and work on code. 

The community is very active - there's some kind of meeting going on nearly every day. Time to get out there and get my hands dirty!



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